Our Vision

We are created by God and for God and believe he has brought us together as a church to help others find life in him.


The climax of the gospel is the good news of redemption through Jesus Christ that reconciles us to God and adopts us into his family. It transforms our hearts and shapes our behavior. The gospel is the word that brings unbelievers to faith and believers to maturity. Because the gospel is the foundational message of God’s plan for us, it shapes all we do.


The Christian community is created by the gospel and not personal preferences. The people of God are united together with God as their king. The local church is an imperfect but meaningful picture of what God’s kingdom looks like. We seek to build each other up and demonstrate the grace of God in our relationships with one another.


God is on a mission to reconcile and redeem all of creation and he as given each Christian the task of joining him. Every Christian is a missionary. Therefore, our church wants to love our city and the world. We do not live for ourselves but exist for the good of the city and the glory of God. We want to speak the gospel and demonstrate the love of Jesus in real and practical ways.

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